I am currently a candidate for Outreach Officer of the ASPB EEPP.

I am a researcher and extensionist working in citrus, the most extensively planted tree crop in the United States. My hope is that my experience working in extension and outreach can be put to use in growing the EEPP. I think that EEPP has great potential to be a point of connection where environmental physiologists can collaborate, and where we can establish intellectual and collaborative exchange with more cellular or molecular plant sciences.  There are a large number of whole plant sciences who feel that in their applied sciences or ecology associations do not have a true home. I think that EEPP can provide this for many of them.

My basic research is focused on environmental responses of photosynthesis and carbohydrate distribution in Citrus. Currently, citrus greening threatens the citrus industry of my state.  Thus most of my research is related to greening.  Because it is a disease of phloem function, we focus both on how the disease disrupts translocation and on how environmental conditions can ameliorate or exacerbate symptoms. My applied research is related to manipulating plant phenology to improve pest management practices and on the physiological effects of pest management practices that alter the canopy light environment.

In addition to phone calls and field visits with growers, my extension duties involve editing all extension publications related to citrus in Florida.

Research Areas:
Applied Plant Biology, Environmental Plant Biology

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