I am a M.S. student of botany at the University of Wyoming researching plant communities, restoration/conservation, functional (physical) plant traits, and climate change. Specifically, my work involves identifying what factors drive restored sagebrush steppe communities to reach desired states and whether or not functional traits can be useful for increasing predictability and stability of restorations under the pressures of climate change. My hope is to use ecological theory, observational data, and statistical models to improve restoration practices in the future. I am also very interested in rare plant conservation and population dynamics, therefore I am working on developing some side projects that focus on these areas as well. With the rest of my time, I love communicating with all ages and walks of life about plants and climate change and botanizing all over the West!

Please follow me @CuttingVegBotny (Twitter) or @cutting_veg_botany (Insta) to share in my field work and scicomm adventures!

Career Status:
Graduate Student

Research Areas:
Botany, Ecology, Ecophysiology, Environmental Plant Biology, Education and Outreach

Volunteer Activities

Highlights (see CV for more):

  • Field studies and Conservation committees- Colorado Native Plant Society (2020)
  • Contributor at (2020)
  • Outreach volunteer for Wyoming NASA Space Grant Science Kitchen which brings exciting hand-on science activities into K-12 schools (2019-2020)
  • Speaker at various events including Science on Tap (Laramie, WY) and community events hosted by Green Aberdeen (Aberdeen, SD). (2017-2020)
  • Activity leader for K-12 engagement events put on by USFWS and SD Game, Fish and Parks
Current Affiliations
Experience & Education