My current work focuses on the coordination of endo- and exocytic vesicle transport at the plasma membrane in plant cells. I study how molecular transport machinery work together to support cell function, growth, and shape. I utilize genetic, molecular, and imaging tools to investigate the impact of disorganized or uncoupled vesicle transport machinery on plant cell function and physiology. I am also interested in endomembrane identity and how this affects vesicle transport and the localization/recycling of membrane proteins.

I like to think about and engage in science communication and education, particularly at the undergraduate level. I want to know more about how students learn to learn, and if the creative tools of experimental problem solving can contribute to student scholarship.

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Research Areas:
Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics


Larson ER, van Zelm E, Roux C, Marion-Poll A, Blatt, MR. (2017) Clathrin-mediated secretion affects drought tolerance and alters secretory traffic to the plasma membrane in Arabidopsis.

Physiology 175(2):708-720. DOI:10.1104/pp.17.00970

Larson, ER (2016) Plant Protein Secretion: Methods and Protocols, Methods in Molecular Biology. Springer Science + Business News Media, New York, NY USA.

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Grefen C, Karnik R, Larson E, Lefoulon C, Wang Y, Waghmare S, Zhang B, Hills A, and Blatt M. (2015) A vesicle-trafficking protein commandeers Kv channel voltage sensors for voltage-dependent secretion. Nature Plants, 1(15108). DOI: 10.1038/NPLANTS.2015.108   (co-first author)

Larson ER, Domozych D, and Tierney ML. (2014) SNARE VTI13 plays a unique role in endosomal trafficking pathways associated with the vacuole and is essential for cell wall organization and root hair growth in Arabidopsis. Annals of Botany, 114(6):1147-59.

Larson ER, Tierney ML, Tinaz B, Domozych DS. (2014) Using monoclonal antibodies to label living root hairs: a novel tool for studying cell wall microarchitecture and dynamics in Arabidopsis. Plant Methods, 10(1):30.

Volunteer Activities

2017: Co-organizer of the University of Glasgow Plant Science Group’s participation in the Glasgow Botanics Bicentennial Celebration: activity development, public outreach, science education

2016-present: Contributor to the IMCSB media outreach team; podcast co-host; organizing social media and public events to promote the Institute, University of Glasgow

2016: Mentor in the SciStuPartner Project organized with Patrick Goff of the Kentucky Science Teachers Association – partnering with grade students to help with their science projects

2015-2016: Co-organizer for the Institute of Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology Seminar Series, University of Glasgow

2014: Meet the Expert Program, Biology Week 2015, Glasgow Science Centre

2012-2013: King Street Youth Center Volunteer – High school Math/Science tutor, Burlington, VT

2010: CMB Retreat Planning Committee, UVM

2008-2011: Student Representative for the CMB Education Committee, UVM

Current Affiliations
Experience & Education