I'm a PhD Scholar at the National Institute of Plant Genome Research (NIPGR), Delhi, India; with specialization in Agricultural Biotechnology involving Genomics and Pre-breeding. My doctoral thesis reserach objectives are to map and characterice genetic locus/loci responsible for tolerance against tomato leaf curl disease coused by ToLCNDV in tomato a.k.a. Forward Genetics.

Most of the time I could been seen with my tomato plants, a RIL mapping population at the green house; inoculating  with infectious viral clones, recording the direase symptoms exhibitied by the plants which range from severely susceptible to highly tolerant and sampling for DNA isolation. I can also been seen in the field doing the same except that an insect-pest call whitefly helps me in infecting the plant with the virus. At the lab I extract DNA from the tomato lines to mine SNPs using an NGS technique and also use radioactive probes to estimate the viral titre. I'm also involed in a few Reverse Genetics experiments for the same objectives.

During my Masters in Biotechnology from School of Agricultural Biotechnology (SAB), Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), India, my thesis research objectives were to phenotype wheat genotypes for Phosphorus use efficiency and to identify the wheat homo(eo)log of OsPstol1. Though this avenue is outside what I'm currently working with, I wish and want to employ the techniques/knowledge/skills acquired out of my PhD in my career ahead in avenues such as Root phenotyping, Nutrient use efficiecy of crop-plants and the allied.

By nature I'm an Agriculture graduate from Killikulam (KKM), a sister-campus of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU), India; I topped the Varsity in Agronomy courses. Though a Biotechnologist/Pre-breeder now, Agronomy is something which runs in my blood along with RBC, WBC and platelets.. Hahaha! My special interests were and still are Organic farming, Integrate farming systems and related areas. 

I'm aspiring to become a Bioinformatician! precicely in regards to NGS Data analyses and Genotyping.

Career Status:
Graduate Student

Research Areas:
Genetics, Genomics, Applied Plant Biology


1 Book chapter during my PhD

1 Research Article out of my MSc thesis


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