Hi everyone! I’m Isabel, a plant biologist from Spain. I got my PhD on (Plant) Biotechnology in 2013 and since then I have changed my career path a bit into I+D+i management and science communication. However, plant science is still my “secret lover”.

When I am not sneaking into the lab, i am working on science communication, both as a researcher and a practitioner, working as Communication Officer at the Global Plant Council (

Something interesting about me? I am very fond of hiking, guinea pigs and exotic food of all kinds.

Research Areas:
Physiology, Metabolism, Education and Outreach


On plant science: 

  • I Mendoza-Poudereux; J Muñoz-Bertomeu; A Navarro; I Arrillaga; J Segura (2014) Enhanced levels of S-linalool by metabolic engineering of the terpenoid pathway in spike lavender leaves. Metabolic Engineering 23:136-44.
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  • I Mendoza-Poudereux, J Muñoz-Bertomeu, I Arrillaga, J Segura (2014) Deoxyxylulose 5-phosphate reductoisomerase is not a rate-determining enzyme for essential oil production in spike lavender. Journal of Plant Physiology 171(17):1564-70
  • I Mendoza-Poudereux, E Kutzner; C Huber; J Segura, W Eisenreich, I Arrillaga (2015) Metabolic cross-talk between pathways of terpenoid backbone biosynthesis in spike lavender. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 95:113-20.
  • I Mendoza-Poudereux, E Kutzner; C Huber; J Segura,  I Arrillaga, W Eisenreich (2017) Dynamics of Monoterpene Formation in Spike Lavender Plants. Metabolites, 7(4), 65.
  • Book chapter: Cano et al (2018). “Maritime Pine Pinus Pinaster Aiton”, in Jain, Shri Mohan, Gupta, Pramod (Eds.) Step Wise Protocols for Somatic Embryogenesis of Important Woody Plants (pp. 167-179). Springer Nature, Springer International Publishing AG

On science communication: 

  • Cano-Orón, L., Mendoza-Poudereux, I. and Moreno-Castro, C. (2019). ‘The rise of skepticism in Spanish political and digital media contexts’. JCOM 18(03), A01. Available here
  • Cano-Orón, L., Mendoza-Poudereux, I. & Moreno-Castro, C. (2018). Perfil sociodemográfico del usuario de la homeopatía en España. Atención Primaria,

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