I completed my graduation in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh. I did master thesis on "Molecular identification of cellulase producing fungal isolates and characterization of cellulase gene from the isolates" under supervision of Prof. Abul Kalam Azad. I was also involved in another project of Prof. Azad in his Bioinformatics lab where I worked on structure-function relationship of plant aquaporins. I published several peer reviewed international research papers during my master’s program. I also participated several national and international meetings, workshops and conferences during my master’s tenure. Notably, I participated in the 65th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Germany as a young scientist through a global competition where got an opportunity to meet with 70 Nobel laureates in the field of Physics, Chemistry and Physiology or Medicine. In Lindau meeting, I got a chance to discuss about my research on plant aquaporins with Prof. Peter Agre who got the Nobel Prize for the discovery of aquaporin. In October 2016, I joined Prof. François Chaumont laboratory to investigate the substrate specificity of aquaporins.

Research Areas:
Molecular Biology, Applied Plant Biology


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Volunteer Activities

I involve with a non-profit organization named CANSI Bioinformatics Research Institute. The aim of this research group is to inspire the young biologists in research. Since Dec 2012, I am actively working for this research group to inspire the young talent students in biological research by delivering seminar presentations and organizing scientific events. Currently, I am working as one of the advisors of this research group. During my master’s degree, I was also one of the organizers of Bio-Olympiad that actually dedicated for high school students. 

Current Affiliations
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