I am currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin Madison studying Genetics and Genomics. My research project involves studying how the genetic networks associated with calcium signaling change in response to touch stimuli and herbivory in Arabidopsis thaliana. Other research projects include engineering GFP fusions to radiation response candidates to investigate how the Arabidopsis transcriptome changes in response to the damage induced by cosmic radiation. 

My research skills and experiences involve RNAseq analysis, qPCR, CRISPR-CAS9 genetic engineering, and fluorescent microscopy. 

Research Areas:
Gene Regulation, Genetics, Genomics, Physiology

Volunteer Activities

-Wisconsin Science Festival - Wisconsin Institute of Discovery, Madison, WI

-Science on Tap- Madison, WI

-Saturday Science- Wisconsin Institute of Discovery, Madison, WI

-AP Biology Tutor- Madison, WI

-Astrobotany outreach- Gilroy Lab, Madison, WI

Current Affiliations
Experience & Education