I am a PhD Candidate at University of California, Davis studying diterpene metabolism in maize. I'm interested in how maize uses specialized diterpenes to interact with their environment, particularly under stress conditions. 

Research Areas:
Abiotic Interactions, Biochemistry, Biotic Interactions, Metabolism, Synthetic Biology


Mafu, Sibongile, Yezhang Ding, Katherine M. Murphy, Omar Yaacoobi, John Bennett Addison, Qiang Wang, Zhouxin Shen et al. "Discovery, biosynthesis and stress-related accumulation of dolabradiene-derived defenses in maize." Plant physiology(2018): pp-01351.

Murphy, K. M., R. L. Egger, and V. Walbot. "Chloroplasts in anther endothecium of Zea mays (Poaceae)." American journal of botany 102.11 (2015): 1931.

Volunteer Activities

PlantingScience, Scientific Liaison (Master Plant Science Team)

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