Plant Sciences graduate from the University of Cambridge about to begin my Masters in Systems and Synthetic Biology. Very excited at the potential of algal biotechnology to provide solutions to the major challenges our generation faces. As a member of the Cambridge University iGEM team 2016 I was captivated by the energy of this emerging interdisciplinary field and became aware of the importance of science communication and outreach for public engagement in the novel technologies. For this reason I closely follow the growing movement of citizen science and DIY biology. Furthermore, I am currently involved in this year’s edition of GapSummit: an international and interdisciplinary conference to tackle the gaps of the bio-economy.

Research Areas:
Biochemistry, Food Security, Molecular Biology, Synthetic Biology, Systems Biology


Previous projects:

  • Development of molecular probes for transformation of Chlamydomonas chloroplasts. Haseloff Lab, Cambridge. 
  • Artificial miRNA and target mimicry to control gene expression levels in Chlamydomonas. Baulcombe Lab, Cambridge.
  • Cell biological investigation of a giant single-celled alga using fluorescently labelled proteins. Meyerowitz Lab, Caltech.

Volunteer Activities

  • Leaf the House 2017: With the aim to tackle the issue of wildlife conservation and preservation, my team and I have organised events across the UK to encourage the youth to connect with their outdoor spaces (
  • LAIRN social enterprise: Content developer for LAIRN, a life-skills radio podcast to reach children in remote areas of the globe (
  • Art facilitator at the Museo de Arte Moderno Reina Sofia: Worked within an interdisciplinary team to design workshops to encourage student to visit the museum and enjoy modern art. 
Current Affiliations
Experience & Education