I'm a CA native and graduate student in Plant Biology at UC Davis (2018-present) studying terpene metabolism and the genetics of flavor in strawberry with Dr. Philipp Zerbe and Dr. Steve Knapp. I've been an active science communication and outreach member since 2015. My favorite outreach events involve interacting the the public and performing small experiments with people at science festivals, events for kids, farmer's markets, and science lectures in bars and pubs. I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2015 with a degree in Genetics & Plant Biology, as well as a degree in Nutritional Science, Physiology, and Metabolism, which altogether means I love everything about food science and agriculture!

Research Areas:
Cell Biology, Metabolism, Biochemistry, Applied Plant Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology


Gao, C., Montoya, L., Xu, L., Madera, M., Hollingsworth, J., Purdom, E., Hutmacher, R., Dahlberg, J., Coleman-Derr, D., Lemaux, P., Taylor, J. Succession in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities. 2018. ISMEJ. 

Xu,L., Naylor, D.,  Dong, Z., Simmons, T., Pierroz, G., Hixson, K., Kim, YM., Zink, E., Engbrecht, K., Wang, Y., Gao, C., DeGraaf, S., Madera, M., Sievert, J., Hollingsworth, J., Birdseye, D., Scheller, H., Hutmacher, R., Dahlberg, J., Jansson, C., Taylor, J., Lemaux, P., and Coleman-Derr, D. Drought induces delays in the development of the sorghum root microbiome and enrichment of monoderm bacteria. 2018. PNAS. 1717308115

Volunteer Activities

UC Davis Science Says member, 2018-

UC Berkeley CLEAR (Communication, Literacy, and Education for Agricultural Research) Fellow and Event/Social Media coordinator, 2015-2018

Booth Organizer, Bay Area Science Festival, SF & North Bay (CLEAR 2017, SciSays 2018)

Current Affiliations
Experience & Education