I have Polish roots, but my intellectual germination started in the Netherlands, at the University of Amsterdam, where I obtained my BSc degree in General Biology and MSc degree in Green Life Science. I did two fun MSc projects, first one in Amsterdam, focusing on SnRK2.4/2.10 interaction with phospholipids and the second one in Canberra, on blue-light induced processes leading to germination of wheat.

Later, I was nurtured under the supervision of Prof. Christa Testerink, during my PhD project where I studied Root System Architecture of Arabidopsis HapMap population, developed a simple Root-Fit model to describe stress-induced reprogramming of the architecture, and explored the the salt induced changes in the rosette size

Right now I am having a post-doc fun by doing (kind of) independent research as a postdoc at KAUST, in Saudi Arabia. I am focusing on (1) salt-induced changes in root-to-shoot ratio in Arabidopsis, (2) study the expression patterns in plants with enhanced sodium accumulation in their roots and (3) developing tools for data analysis based on R/Shiny. 

I am passionate about capturing plant architecture using simple models, understanding plant physiology and salinity tolerance. I love coding in R, BIG data analysis and sharing whatever I know with whomever cares to listen. 

Research Areas:
Abiotic Interactions, Cell Biology, Development, Ecophysiology, Growth Regulation, Molecular Biology, Physiology


Volunteer Activities

Assistant Feature Editor, Plant Physiology, 2018

Reviewing Editor, Frontiers in Plant Science, 2015 - present

Conference Chair, Gordon Research Seminar on Salt & Water Stress in Plants, Les Diablerettes 2015

Assisted with SaltLab stand during the Winter Enrichment Program, KAUST 2016
Organized and presented exposition during University of Amsterdam open day, Amsterdam 2014, on Chemical Genomics "Do Plants Like Skittles?"

Current Affiliations
Experience & Education