Research Areas:
Abiotic Interactions


Differential Traits of two Genotypes of Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R. Br. under Simulated Drought condition Vegetos 31: 115-180.

Differential Response Strategies by Zea mays L. and Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R. BR. Genotypes under Drought Stress condition. Plant cell Biotechnology and Molecular Biology 18:489-499.

Volunteer Activities

In 2014 l voluntarily joined the Drug Free Club which is a subsidiary of Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Kebbi State Command, Nigeria and l engaged in sensitizing the public on awareness of drug abuse, trafficking and indiscriminate use of drug. It was a unique opportunity to tell the locals of that community that taking of marijuana cocaine and heroin was harmful to their health.

In 2016, l participated in the World Aids Day celebration where l joined the team of youths whose mandate was to check HIV status of persons, l took blood samples and tested them on strips. I also joined the counselling unit whose mandate is to educate the people whether being affected or not by the virus on how to live a healthy life style.

In 2017, I was on the team of Keeping the Nation Clean Campaign by picking dirts on roads and environs of the Federal Capital Territory. There is an urgent need to clean our environment to ensure healthy living, l agreed to the fact that we should not wait for the Government to partake in everything particularly in our environment that is why l joined young boys and girls on a Saturday where we distributed ourselves and cleared the gutters, dispose garbage’s, burning dirt materials in an incinerator, carrying polythene bags to where they can be recycled. I was the public relation officer with duties of disseminating information to the people in the neighborhood on bringing there dirt items outside of their homes in order for us to dispose them neatly and in a well careful manner

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