I conduct research in Dr. Judy Brusslan's Plant Molecular Biology lab at CSULB. With funding from NIH RISE, I study the transcriptional regulation of age-dependent leaf senescence in Arabidopsis thaliana. Feel free to reach out and ask for a poster if you would like more info about my research! I am an assistant TA for the genetics lab and the genetics supplemental instructor (Si) at CSULB. Si is a course that students enroll in and the students meet with me twice weekly in a classroom setting to practice and master the concepts of genetics while developing independent learning skills. I am an ASPB society member and an ASPB/Conviron Scholar. My goal is to earn a PhD and pursue a research career involving molecular biology and genomics, preferably in the plant sciences. I am currently applying for PhD programs for the Fall 2020 semester! I want to continue learning ASL so I can eventually offer interpreting services and make STEM more accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing communities. I also am proud to represent the LGBTQIA+ community in the plant sciences! 

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Research Areas:
Genetics, Genomics, Molecular Biology, Gene Regulation


Hinckley, WE, Keymanesh, K, Cordova, JA, Brusslan, JA. The HAC1 histone  acetyltransferase promotes leaf senescence and regulates the expression of ERF022Plant Direct. 2019; 3: 1– 10. - GMO Safety Infographics 

Volunteer Activities

-Volunteered in the CSULB science learning center to give presentation about animal exhibits to visiting elementary school and Jr high students.

-I am in contact with high school biology teachers to set up times for me to go give research presentations to try and increase early interest in research careers. 

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