• Larissa Dougherty

    Graduate Student in the Avasthi Lab at the University of Kansas Medical Center studying ciliary signaling in algae.
  • Nisha Singh

    Currently I am working as Post Doctoral Scientist, in Buckler Lab at Institute of Genomic diversity at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA.
  • Mason McNair

    3rd year PhD Student in the Leebens-Mack Lab studying species boundaries in Sarracenia (Pitcher Plants) using phylogenomic and morphometric approaches
  • Catherine Espinoza Patharkar

    Plant scientist with a passion for undergraduate education and experience in signaling in plant-microbe interactions.
  • Suresh Damodaran

    I have completed Ph.D. in plant science and I am interested in plant developmental biology, science communication.
  • Jin Liao

    I'm a PhD student studying plant genetic and cell biology at the Iowa State University.
  • Laura Mejía

    Laura is a Biologist, MSc in Pharmaceutical sciences of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
  • Nanxun Qin

    Currently a PhD candidate in Prof Xingwang Deng‘s Lab,Peking Uni.
  • Rebecca Hayes

    Technician at the University of Pittsburgh Ashman Lab. Studying plant-microbe interactions. Aspiring Jane Goodall of plant science.
  • Jahed Ahmed

    PhD student in UCLOuvain to investigate the substrate specificity of aquaporins.
  • Amanda De Souza

    Postdoctoral researcher at University of Illinois.
  • Carl Branch

    Undergraduate at University of Minnesota , studying Plant and Microbial Biology.
  • Aleah Henderson

    Aleah is a doctoral candidate in the University of Kansas Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department. She is mentored by Joy Ward.
  • Bryce Askey

    Undergraduate student at the University of Florida, pursuing a dual degree in Horticultural Science and Biological Engineering
  • Ruth (Jean Ae) Kim

    I am a second year Ph.D. student in Botany and Plant Sciences at UC Riverside in the Meng Chen Lab
  • Bryony Yates

    Undergraduate Plant Science student at the University of Cambridge with a passion for science communication. ASPB Conviron Scholar for 2018-19 .
  • Laura Klasek

    PhD Candidate at University of California, Davis
  • Kate Harline

    Plant Biology Ph.D. student and PBGSA President, School of Integrative Plant Science, Cornell University
  • Prisca Meyer

    I am fascinated by vertical farming, LED research, flowering and disease resistance in plants especially strawberry.